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30 Wertheim Court Building D, Unit 19 , Richmond Hill , Ontario , L4B 1B9 , Canada
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By Sergio Novelo

5 9 months ago

Sergio Novelo

Very professional office and personal Dr Hoffman is the real thing, and great Doctor With a real human touch, he cares.
By Jeffrey Poulis

5 9 months ago


I wanted to thank Dr. Hoffman and his staff for the new addition to my mouth: a snazzy new implant. I knew nothing about implants except what I had heard from casual conversation. The common misconception is that the procedure is painful, unpleasant and unreliable. Not true! From my first consultation with Dr. Hoffman my anxiety was calmed and I had a step by step guide of what to expect. From tooth removal, to healing, to implant, the procedure was exactly as described. Dr. Hoffman's bedside manner was outstanding. He was available to answer any questions and concerns on weekends and evenings. First class treatment. Highly recommended. Jeff
By Gail Biceroglu

5 9 months ago

Gail B.

I wanted to express my gratitude for the exceptional care and support Dr. Hoffman and his team provided during my dental implant procedure. I was initially hesitant about undergoing this process; however, Dr. Hoffman made the experience as comfortable and stress-free as possible. From the very first consultation, he took the time to explain the process in detail, answering and addressing all of my questions and concerns. His knowledge, professionalism, and compassion were impressive. I felt fortunate to have such an exceptional dental team on my side while going through this process. I am more than pleased with the final results. I highly recommend Dr. Hoffman’s practice to my family and friends. Actually, both my sons were also treated by Dr. Hoffman for different procedures [gum grafting surgery] and they also pointed out that Dr. Hoffman was exceptionally good in his practice. Moreover, his practice is easily accessible from major highways, and the clean and spacious office creates a comfortable and welcoming environment. Thank you and your team again for everything.
By Maureen

5 11 months ago


Best Ever and Amazing DENTIST you will ever find!! All I can express and say relentlessly, it was the BEST experience I've ever had and couldn't have imagined the stellar dental service done!!! This compliments the most caring and amazing Dr.Hoffman and his caring team of staff! I've had two extractions performed at the same time, and within an hour or so, all was completed graciously with NO PAIN, NO FUSS, Dr. Hoffman have performed the extractions with superior ease!! From beginning of the consultation, to preparing me before date of the surgery, and to the day of the surgery, Dr.Hoffman provided EXCEPTIONAL patience, guidance, honest opinions & suggestions, care before and after the surgery which NO dentist have ever done! However, I must also give credit to my AMAZING dentist too, Dr.Winston Law for referring me to Dr.Hoffman, otherwise I don't think I would or could have survived this ordeal!! Guarantee 1000X, you will be in the BEST AND CARING HANDS!!! It is well worth it and I would have my family and myself see Dr.Hoffman for any other required dental services!!
By Daniel Hochman

5 Jul 22, 2022

Dental implants

I have been missing 2 teath in my mouth forever. At 28 I finally began the journey to getting implants there. Dr.Hoffman has been great from the get go. I love the work he did. He did a great job. I would definitely recommend him again.
By Kenneth Firkser

5 Jul 14, 2022

Ken Firkser

I have had 3 implants done by Dr. Hoffman and each one has gone beautifully. No pain was experienced with any of them and the recovery and results were perfect. Dr. Hoffman is a perfectionist and his work is bar none. He is very knowledgeable and his “chair side manner” is superb. If ever I need further implants, Dr Hoffman is the only one I would go to. I can not recommend him highly enough. Thank you Dr. Hoffman
By Miriam Sweet Goldstein

5 Jul 12, 2022

Great dental care

I required a dental implant after breaking a tooth last year. Dr Hoffman was highly recommended and I know why. The whole experience from start to finish was easy…almost pain free and on schedule. Dr Hoffman and staff were incredibly pleasant and professional. 5 star rating is well deserved!
By Asha Maraj

5 Jun 6, 2022

Asha Maraj

Dr. Hoffman and the entire team always made me feel very comfortable on all my visits. I am very happy and pleased with the outcome of my implants. I would recommend this team to anyone. Dr. Hoffman is such a gentleman. Thanks guys. You are the best..
By Konstantin Vydria

5 Jan 28, 2022

Dental work done right and painless!

I had a number of gum draft surgeries with Dr. Hoffman and although even the sound of it is frightening, surprisingly they were not painful. The healing process was a lot quicker due to the nature these procedures are specifically carried out by Dr. Hoffman where wounds are not left exposed after surgery. I attend follow up checkups every year and I’m extremely satisfied due to the fact that even after 5 years, the efficacy and success of my surgeries have not been diminished. Thumbs up! Thank you Dr.
By annette

5 Sep 14, 2021

Dr. Hoffman is the best-

Dr. Hoffman has been my periodontist for AT LEAST 20 YEARS; since I inherited very sensitive gums and teeth, Dr. Hoffman has been extra careful to preserve what I have. Starting from receding gum line, all the way to gum surgeries, bone implant, several tooth implants Dr. Hoffman's care has been exceptional, his consults and team work with my dentist, his incredible knowledge and vast experience , together with his jolliness, and his wonderful staff - made it all certain that I have retained as many teeth as I have, the implants and gums are great . I am very fortunate to have such care. Thanks Dr. Hoffman for everything Annette